About PT. Cahaya Samudra Shipyard

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD a marine industry and services were set up in Batam Island, Indonesia since 2008 is a fully integrated marine company with a strong focus in steel shipbuilding and ship repair and maintenance include other marine related services, to customer mainly from Domestic, Asia Pacific and South East Asia.

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD owns and operates about 57.134 SqM shipyard in Batam, Indonesia in a global marine, PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD has developed a niche market in steel shipbuilding and repairing small and medium size vessels up to 85 Mtr length wih Draft Maximum 3.5 ntr depth, including barges, tug boats, general cargo and oil tanker and provides a comprehensive range of marine engineering services to customer from diverse industries.

Our experience in repair and maintenance for maritime industry has taught us that key for success is Team efficiency, which would actually reduce docking time. We currently offer a complete Range of Repair and maintenance serves for hull, superstructure, engine and propulsion system. Our one-stop service cover annual and periodical for marine ship, tug and barges.

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD all-inclusive repair and maintenance equipment consist of 3 slipway docking up to 2000 ton capacity. We key our good work and constantly improve our maintenance capability. We expect to add enormous potential of this global maritime trade. It will also become the keyword for us to emerge as the major ship repair with capacity to provide solution for related maritime industry.

Riding the experience as prominent ship repair, PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD prepared to embark on its mission to capture opportunity presented by regional and global market. To become for a success we know to do with a hard works and pursuit of excellent, supported by efficient and reliable management system, state of the art technology and sophisticated quality control.

With solid management, advance technology and experience & skill labours and engineers, we hope to become a total solution provider help us to secure more high profile clients from around the world.

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