About PT. Cahaya Samudra Shipyard

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD a marine industry and services were set up in Batam Island, Indonesia since 2008 is a fully integrated marine company with a strong focus in steel shipbuilding and ship repair and maintenance include other marine related services, to customer mainly from Domestic, Asia Pacific and South East Asia.

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD owns and operates about 57.134 SqM shipyard in Batam, Indonesia in a global marine, PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD has developed a niche market in steel shipbuilding and repairing small and medium size vessels up to 85 Mtr length wih Draft Maximum 3.5 ntr depth, including barges, tug boats, general cargo and oil tanker and provides a comprehensive range of marine engineering services to customer from diverse industries.

Our experience in repair and maintenance for maritime industry has taught us that key for success is Team efficiency, which would actually reduce docking time. We currently offer a complete Range of Repair and maintenance serves for hull, superstructure, engine and propulsion system. Our one-stop service cover annual and periodical for marine ship, tug and barges.

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD all-inclusive repair and maintenance equipment consist of 3 slipway docking up to 2000 ton capacity. We key our good work and constantly improve our maintenance capability. We expect to add enormous potential of this global maritime trade. It will also become the keyword for us to emerge as the major ship repair with capacity to provide solution for related maritime industry.

Riding the experience as prominent ship repair, PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD prepared to embark on its mission to capture opportunity presented by regional and global market. To become for a success we know to do with a hard works and pursuit of excellent, supported by efficient and reliable management system, state of the art technology and sophisticated quality control.

With solid management, advance technology and experience & skill labours and engineers, we hope to become a total solution provider help us to secure more high profile clients from around the world.

Yard and Condition

Slipway Docking and Wharf Service
Slipway docking up to 2000 Ton able and ready to service any tugs, barges, general cargo and oil tanker ship up to 300 Ft long, with cradles, winches and gear equipment in well maintained. On repair condition, both slipway able to operation do simultaneously depend of the length and/or deade weight of vessel which one to repair. Over 90 meters front jetty and 3500 SqM wharf area able to servicing various project in a float condition, with the same quantity of skill labours and equipment, to prepare for a project with on time delivery.

Yard Equipment
To supporting the project activities, PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD provide the own facilities and equipment such as: Crawler crane, Fork lift, Excavator, Welding set equipment, Automatic cutting, Lathe machine etc.
All the yard facilities always have a periodical checking, listed for maintenance and ensure all in good condition for good services. Permanent workshop up to 2000 SqM, a storage material, warehoust, mechanic workshop and operational office with the qualified personnel and quality management system.
Over 18000 SqM of open land area provided for new building project, with over 90 meters open jetty to over sea, able to do aft and/or side launching.

Security and Safety
For securing and monitoring the incoming and ougoind subject and all activities in the yard, PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD provided 1(one) entry/exit gate, with total 4 location monitoring post on corner sides include the personal with good in communication.
Lead by safety officer and personnel, all production activities will monitored and proper recorded. All activities for ship building and ship repair raised by safety permit and daily safety control to make preventive action or reduce the accident and make a corrective action for all things happened as long as working area.

Project Management
With the continually review of management system, we commitment to improve the management system and the personnel to make best result for the project satisfactory feedback from the client.
We wish that we will be able to become a partner and solution provider to the all customer.

Solution Provider
PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD as company in the field of steel shipbuilding and ship repair services, recognizes the need to conform the best practice working standard:

  • Provide customer guarantees for the quality of this product and services
  • Provide customer guarantees that all production process and output are sympathetic to environmental issues
  • Always emphasizing Health and safety

Our Commitment
PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD Management has been published in an effort to meet these aims and it represents a carefully compiled manual providing strict guidelines for all activities, work operation and functions effecting product quality, the environtment and Health & Safety.
all working practices outlined within the manual are based on internationally recognized standards quality

For keeping our business on track have implemented Good Corporate Governance principal. Therefore all PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD employess have equal resposibility to:

  • Uphold the quality of company products and services
  • Prevent environmental pollution in the work place
  • Ensure that every effort is taken to ensure high standards of health and safety

Our Vision

PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD lives up to its reputation as a ship builder and ship repair for global maritime industry. As part of its effort to support the foundation of a solid maritime industry, we strive to delivver knowledge, skills and technology for wider use in the national maritime industry community. This effort has become even more relevant as it holds the key for an enhanced national maritime industry.

Our pursuit for wider recognition in the global marketplace has been our inspiration to keep delivering quality product and excelent services. Our noteworthy vision is:

To Become a world-class Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Company


Our Mission

Our Mission as the facilitator to achieve our vision are:

  • To Contribute to the improvement of national welfare by earning the satisfaction of its customers and PT. CAHAYA SAMUDRA SHIPYARD employees.

  • Get up to date information about the world market and keep a good communication within international shipyard parties

  • Ontime delivery for the projects with the quality of works and profesional man power that meet with customer demand and satisfaction







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